Kensington Smartfit Sit Stand Station

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Warranty: 2 Years

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Kensington Smartfit Sit Stand Station

SmartFit® demystifies ergonomics for individuals, making it easy to install and customise their workspace accessories to their ergonomic comfort requirements.

SmartFit® was developed using US Army research that found a direct correlation between the size of hand and body measurements.

Every SmartFit® product includes a hand chart in the box. This indicates the specific SmartFit® colour setting that will deliver optimum ergonomic comfort for the user.

The SmartFit® Sit/Stand Workstation lets you easily convert your traditional desk it into a standing workspace, giving you ergonomic and health benefits. It installs quickly and requires minimal changes to your current setup.

• SmartFit System allows you to measure, adjust and fit the workstation’s articulating arm to your ideal comfort color setting
• Pneumatic lift lets you quickly and easily transition from sitting to standing
• Articulating arm has four pivot points so you can easily move the workstation up and down and side
• Height adjustable so you can set the monitor and the keyboard platform independently for the ideal
• Cable management channel routes accessory cords to keep workstation uncluttered
• Reinforced mounting clamp attaches quickly to the desktop
• Secondary platform provides a space-saving area for additional accessories


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